Tall, Fair, Handsome, Open Minded, Well Settled, With A 7.5 Feet Long Tail

This is my personal experience. I am not disapproving the concept. Just trying to find the funny aspects

We are a very broad minded family with traditional values, open mindset, liberal thoughts, and we want the potential partner to be fair skinned, own a house, be earning 45 Lacs to 1 Crore, said a bunch of matrimonial profiles. None of those things connect.

The world of arranged marriages has gotten crazy over the years. Offline arranged marriages involved people visiting each other, eating the most famous arranged marriage dish of all time - Upma, drinking coffee, talking to each other, figuring out likes and dislikes, and if everything worked out they would eventually get married.

Today, everything is done on the interweb. Websites allow you to create profiles, and you can search for brides/grooms based on your interests (for a fee of course). It is a scalable solution. You can find your potential partner anywhere on the planet (and off once we colonize Mars).

While all this sounds interesting, it comes with other things that could get annoying. Potential partners and families have the ability to add very specific partner requirements to their profiles.

  • Annual income ranges (unfortunately they don't let you specify gross vs. net income)
  • Skin color (very fair, fair, wheatish, brown, dark brown, dark)
  • Caste, sub-caste, star, sub-star?
  • Education level, occupation including your position in the company
  • Location, citizenship, current residency status
  • Eating, drinking, smoking habits
  • Body type (very slim, slim, average, heavy, very heavy)
  • Free-form text where you can specify tail lengths

These websites give you "Trust Badges". You will need to upload/give them

  • Pay stubs to prove that you earn a specific amount of money (not kidding)
  • Education certificates to verify your educational qualifications
  • Aadhar card (yes! you can link it to anything), pan card, driver's license, ration card to prove your identity
  • LinkedIn profile to verify employment
  • Facebook/Instagram profiles to show your lifestyle
  • Professional and social reference letters

Families ask for your ancestral origin. When I think about it, it's usually

Ancestral Origin

There seems to be less interest in the person, and more interest in assets, liabilities, physical attributes, etc.


Most people won't even get back to you if they don't like you. There is an evident lack of courtesy or maybe it's just fear of responding.

Silence is golden

I do hope that some day there will be an online matrimonial service that works differently, with more attention to people and their compatibility. Product idea! Anyone interested?

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