It's Social Media Baby!

Remember the days when you could go to a restaurant with your friends, order food and drinks, and enjoy a nice conversation?

The one true purpose of social media was connection. I say was because that is no longer true. The ability to keep tabs on a bunch of people you care about, without a lot of effort, is pretty neat. The reach that social media provides is amazing. You can ping your friend who is thousands of miles away, and get an almost immediate response.

What is happening today is pretty interesting. Social media is a pressure cooker. Everyone is under pressure to constantly post something and keep their followers engaged. You've got to take pictures while you are hanging out and immediately post them on Instagram, and Facebook. If you don't make quality posts, you don't get those likes and comments. What if you don't find those popular hashtags. What if your memes aren't funny enough. What if you are not popular enough! What if!

Oh my! What will happen to your life now!

Absolutely nothing.

Really, nothing will happen to you if you fail to get that appreciation. Instead, you will be spending quality time with your friends at a fine hangout place.

If you spend about 2 hours a day on social media, that's about a month every year. Almost one year every twelve years? Not much?

But the likes are worth it.

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